What's Wrong With Me ?

By all means i should not hate my life . I'm in the college of my dreams majoring in something i am so passionate about . I live in New York City the city of my dreams and i'm engaged . But sometimes i wake up and feel like i'm selling out , i feel like i haven't experienced enough , haven't been wild enough , i feel stuck in my relationship , and sometimes i wake up completely paranoid like something bad is going to happen somewhere along the way . i know life isn't perfect and i have had bad times , but i completely freak out at times , i feel like something is wrong with me . I have the most gruesome thoughts of horrible things happening to me or my family , i freak out when people are walking too close behind me and i'm constantly worrying about my families safety . I wasn't like this before entering college but now I am and I can't go back to the normal me . Any advice ?
amazinglayla amazinglayla
22-25, F
Aug 14, 2010