First let me sa...

First let me say that I will reword this question. Do I sometimes DISLIKE life? YES. I reword this question because I feel that words are POWERFUL and I completely dislike the word HATE. It is far too powerful a word for me, for this question. I HATE the Holocaust, I HATE pedophiles, I HATE Hitler. I chose carefully when I use that word, and I make sure that my children do not throw such a POWERFUL word around for *silly* things. Now I'm not saying that LIFE is silly but instead of HATING it sometimes I dislike it sometimes.

Let's just start with the basics, early on in life, you learn that, Life is not fair!! I dislike that!!

People are dying of disease that we HAVE medicine for, but other countries do not have access too. I dislike that!!

People die in poverty, I dislike that!!

OBVIOUSLY this list could go on for PAGES, but I think you know what I am getting at.

Now for all the eternal optimists, that, sorry drive me NUTS, lol. *I don't dislike what happened to me because it made me who I am today and I like who I am.* Well to me that is a sound bite from a movie that has become many people's re-actions to *surviving difficulties* in their life. If you have said it, or know someone who has, and that category probably includes all of us, than bravo and brava. BUT for me it is a CROCK!! I do not embrace the fact that I was RAPED and say, well it is part of my past and it has made me who I am today and I like myself. OMG, SORRY NOT ME!!

I dislike that I was raped, and I do HATE my rapist. Despite the fact that I survived the ordeal and despite the fact that it has had an impact on who I am today, and yes, despite the fact that I like myself, YOU will NEVER hear me say, gosh, golly, I'm glad it happened, it made me who I am today. Lord I could have read a book and learned the same stupid lessons!!

But as I said, that is just me, I wish I could embrace the flip side of my attitude, but I don't AND despite NOT embracing the struggle he put me through, HEY, I STILL MANAGE TO LIKE MYSELF!!


AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 14, 2007