sometimes I Do Hate Life Be...

sometimes i do hate life because it can be so boring and cruel and such stuff as that. like i hate it sometimes because of the people that i have to go through it with. the people that are there at every turn and seem to be there just to get in the way. like my mom and my family and my friends. they always seem to get in the way but they dont realize it because life is just life to them there is no hating it you just live it. and then its over and you just kinda have to like life because its there and you have to live before you die. but i was thinking about it the other day and i had always thought that there were two things you had to do in all of eternity and that was live and die. but everything always gets a little bit more complex and i realized that some babies are born still born and all they ever do is die and then of course there is the plan that God has for you and then there are some babies that take their first breath and exhale life with it. so when poeple say that life isnt fair they mean it because it isnt fair that some people dont get the chance to live a life because their purpose might have been to make their parents take what they have for granted or whatever and then there are people that live to be liek 100 years old or whatever so you see it just aint fair EVER!!

i gotta go byebye

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im glad you understand. X

yeah you're right. =+]

life is no fun if there is not things to challenge us... we all have our ups and downs everyday but we always see that theres a reason for it. theres a reason for everything =) X

its not that i really hate it per se, but it makes me soooo frustrated that i cant hardly stand it. <br />
im getting better at just accepting things and moving on tho'.

never hate life. you are the reason i dont hate life.

Yeah, life is not easy, life is not fair. But one can always try to do one's best to make life worthwhile to live :)... "you are what you do". I read your other story about being forgotten at home, and I feel sorry for you. It can't be easy for you to not recieve love from those who should love you no matter what.... But nevertheless, it is not how long your live that matters, but how you live your life. You seem like a smart girl and I know that you will handle life well and learn to live with life :P