Today I cleaned. ALL DAY. When I looked at the time, I realized my family would be home any minute. So... I ran out to the store quick before I would be blocked in the driveway, the garbage cans were out but I figured I would come home and do it. When I came home I saw my grandma came back from the store, I waved (from in the car) and she stomped over and banged my window - "WHERE DID YOU GO?" "The store..?" I thought she was worried.. but no. - "WHY DIDN'T YOU GET THE GARBAGE CANS?!" "Uh.. I was at the store.." "ALL DAY?" "No. I just left.. maybe 20 mins ago" "THEN I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU COULDN'T DO IT" then she stomped inside. Then when I walk in the door there's dirt on the floor when I just cleaned, so when my mom saw me she said I was lazy and never do anything, that whenever I decide to do something it's never right, that she always needs to redo/fix whatever I did.. so why even bother doing anything? I ignored it, she's always like that. I explained that my grandma was mad at me for not bringing in the garbage bins, she said "good. she should be. why does everyone here BESIDES YOU have to do everything? it's ridiculous. you didn't even clean the house! dirt all over the floor," - because no one takes off there shoes - "hair all over the bathroom," - because my mother just LOVES to go in there and fix her hair, throwing it all over the floor - "THIS IS RIDICULOUS. NOW I HAVE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE, PUT AWAY GROCERIES, COOK.... I WANT TO RELAX.. i can't believe you're home ALL day and do nothing to help us." so I yelled at her saying 'i did clean and the house would be a whole lot cleaner if people actually cared to keep it clean, like don't throw your hair all over the floor and stomp around with dirty shoes and blame me for being a sucky human being that never helps anyone besides myself. wtf is this?' as i'm yelling her boyfriend walks in and she plays innocent like "I-I I don't know" and makes a sad face, so he yells at me for yelling at her. While we're all yelling at each other my mom is telling her boyfriend about how shes so tired and she has to clean the house because i didn't do it, then my grandma comes and over exaggerates how she had to get the dirty garbage bins because i didn't do it. After that they all sat and screamed at me about my uselessness for an hour, then had an awkward dinner where they all took turns calmly telling me how i'm useless almost all the time, and when i'm not useless i'm a bipolar drama queen biatch that overreacts about everything. Then they proceeded to tell me a short story about the time I fixed the fan.

* the time i fixed the fan was yesterday. my mom decided that she was going to walk and not move around it, so when it fell over and broke she yelled like it was my fault. I spent 40ish minutes of my time pulling out all the wires and screws, rewiring it, and then testing it so it blew right. when she knocked it over a screw inside got stuck in the motor so i took it out. shes one of those people that if something is out of place she'll freak out (its not ocd), she saw it there on the floor and said "where's that from?" "inside, it was stuck so.." "well put it back!" "theres no where to put it.. if i try it wont work" "UH HELLO? ARE YOU GONNA PUT IT BACK?!" "no..? i just told you--- "UGGH GIVE IT TO ME. I'LL DO IT... USELESS" "just leave it alone. if you break it again i'm not fixing it!" "I NEVER ASKED YOU TO!" so then today over dinner my mom was saying how i should apologize because i overreacted and she hates how i talk to her.

this is a good place to rant.. sorry :P
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This sounds like you're the family punching bag :( Are you able to walk away? Even for 15 minutes, to take a walk around the block? Do you think you will be able to move out at some point? This sounds like you are being seriously picked on. :(