Exasperated And Tired Of My Mr. Superiority

He snores so loud, blows his nose like an out of tune trumpet, has an admitted superiority complex, is disrespectful of me in front of our son (Great example!), rarely shows affection for affection's sake but to get laid, has a distinct ability to avoid being authentic and serious unless he's berating me or expressing how stupid othr people are,he's funny but can't hold an adult conversation without an inappropriate joke - with anyone! He's a jerk and I'm tired. We go to a really good marr counselor - I'm all in and learning much but he's told me he feels he's a changed man since I told him I didn't love him anymore. He has improved in some areas but he's nowhere near done. My hope is he keeps an open heart So he can work on the major jerk issues and do his part to help save our marriage. It's all about cmmunication, mutual respect, love, patience on BOTH sides.

MissBuggsy MissBuggsy
41-45, F
Feb 25, 2010