Technology Is Great But....

I love some types of technology I
mean I wouldn't be here of I didn't. Some days it makes me SO mad when nothing seems to work!!! When this happens all I want to do is break everything and just go back to life without computers! I am in a love hate relationship with technology. Sure it makes life a lot easier, but sometimes it stresses me out!!! Am I the only one?
Sparkle1992 Sparkle1992
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3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

I know how you feel. I like technology, but I am also annoyed at how dependent we are becoming. We need more balance. Technology is meant to relieve certain burdens. When technology becomes a burden itself, I feel it loses its purpose.

nope. its my living and i want to unplug

No, don't worry, you're not alone! :)...Another problem with widespread use of technology is that it often results in large numbers of people being made redundant :(