Pretty But Hot Headed

I have this fiery side to me and recently my husband told me as well.  I have this innocent face (I am 41 but seriously look around 32) and people tend to take advantage until I open my mouth:-).  I am argumentative, sometimes lose my cool, have way to much energy for just one person that I can even scare my kids and husband away and they tell me this.  I mean I can multitask and do more than 10 things at the same time.  I like having things my way or winning or else I feel defeated and feel this fiery side coming out.  Also I dont know if these add to it but I can never sit still and fidget all the time even when I am supposed to rest, rest is a taboo word as I cant concentrate on rest:-).  I lose concentration if things bore me and that takes  a few seconds.  Yet on the other hand I am polite, love people, love my kids.  Today I was pissed off as someone showed me the rude finger...well I lost it and swore at her in front of other in public.  I have never done this before but since turning 40, I feel like I have way too much power ..........what is going on with me...I just want to be able to have an even temperament, be normal that's all.  How do I slow down because this will surely control my temperament as well.  When I look at all those calm people around me that don't seem to let things bother them, it makes me wonder if I can be like that.  

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I know exactly how you feel. I'm quiet and polite and people see me as this cute girl, until someone ****** me off. People learn pretty quick that looks are deceiving. I used to be proud of this but now that I'm getting older I'm realizing my errors. <br />
When we feel ourselves getting angry... we need to stop. We need to not only realize we're upset, but try and think about why we're upset and calmly address it before we let it escalate in our minds. When we let it escalate, there's no turning back. :P