Hot , Fiery , Then Poof Its Gone

I am usually a very happy person , and always see the good side of life .

However there are certain things that can ignite my temper , unfortunately..

If I see bullying of any kind , either of myself or someone else...

Any abuse of any kind , whether it be physical, verbal, mental or emotional

And if I or anyone I love is disrespected ...

My temper once ignited is in a word "FIERY" and sharp ...I will defend and fight and stand up to whoever I need to once it is ignited ....

Then like magic its gone ... quick as a wink .. no grudges are kept stewing over things said ...once the situation is handled .. its over like rover

And I am ready , to laugh and dance and enjoy life to the fullest .......until the next time ...someone lights the match


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Seeing red as well? I flip out when I see children being hit in public or bullying. Animals too.

*giggles and hunts for scribbles ..with fire extinguisher*......=)

*hides from kitti thinking of her potential temper outburst*