Not On Purpose!

I am African American (pfft! I'm black!) and live in Philly. So, growing up, there was a lot of slang and bad grammar going around. This was just normal speech to me. It wasn't until I was 10 years old, when a cool teacher of mine decided that she would teach us proper grammer and how to write our own stories. She would not allow any slang or bad grammar in her class! And you would get an stern, "Say it correctly!" if you tried! :-o

So I did learn proper grammar and writing skills. BUT, a part of that Philly scene is still stuck within me. When I am totally relaxed, I will say things like, "don't got none." or the word liked will become, "like-ed-did". LOL! And sometimes I forget to pronounce my word distinctly, basically becoming a mush-mouth! XD

I feel horrified and embarrassed, when this happens! And I try to correct it! But... then it always seem worse, like I'm drawing major attention to my mistake, when I do try to correct it. :-o

Oh, well... I guess some habits don't ever die. =p

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"Gleaming" is the British army's version of Firefly's "Shiny".<br />
As I said before I've picked up a bit of army slang too!.

I think it's gleaming (really good) that you've picked up some of the lingo (language) from your British mates.<br />
<br />
Well I did warn you before that I talk a little weird sometimes XD

It is kind of interesting cause u know how lots of people use the internet to communicate. Well sometimes I use abbreviations and so like an email or sumthing would have grammer mistakes in it. It's cool to travel to different parts of a country and they got different accents. My Dad moved to Philadelphia PA from China when he was 12 years old. His two siblings and Mom still live in Philadelphia. My aunt Lillie Heong talks sort of preppy I guess. Do y'all say wicked? Just wondering cause one of my friends from Washington said that they never said wicked.

I did mean Firefly, but I didn't know it was southern US, I just recognized some of it from all those westerns that my mum loved to watch.

I was raised in the south east of England, but my family roots are in the north east & north west.<br />
I sound like Jamie Oliver but I also use a lot of northen words & sayings, like "Yer don't gare owt fer nowt" = "You don't get anything for nothing".<br />
If you throw the British army slang that comes from being a military nut & the brown coat slang, I can be hard to understand when I'm in full flow.

well.. i don't talk all like a mexican gangster either...i was always to chicken to join them gangs...i talk like a preppie mexican, according to my i don't know what that means but i guess is ok! Vato!...rofl, sorry!

Really Vato, then lets all talk like we do in real life holmes....Hurray for diversity.....whatever that is.

Thank you....iwasn't going to back to reading it, afraid of my brain exploding again, but yes, it's monday, it SUCKS

thanks momo for helping pick my brain pieces i read it, thank you mimsy, that helped.....and i dont' know shadow, if it was a typo...or not...but when i saw it made my brain it again, well at least it confused

I've been up since noon. I live a very active life :P<br />
<br />
DHG, I think Shadow made a typo lol. I think she meant "I would have never guessed that english wasn't your FIRST language". But you prolly cant read this now because your brain 'sploded.

I got confused there......English is my second Language, Spanish is my first language.<br />
<br />
i'm sorry i feel warped now....I'm in the twilight zone or something. "English wasn't your second language" double negative or something, my brain is malfunctioning i'm's not you it's me...i'm confused, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh<br />
<br />
<br />

Whatever momo, you are just trying to make me feel good about me-self!

I have my slang moments and also my valspeak moments where my speech gets really ungrammar-fied. Also "ain't" likes to creep into my vocabulary alot since becoming a Browncoat :P<br />
<br />
p.s. I love the logo for this group. That's how I talk online; "These is good"! When I get online and I'm talking to my friends, my grammar goes waaaay out the window and I purposely spell horribly. It's fun :)

well...I believe you have great grammar.....I struggle a lot with it, and probably you've noticed, maybe not, i don't know. I'm mexican, and my first language wasn't english. I started learning english when I was just 14 y.o., so My English is very bad......<br />
<br />
Yo hablo espaƱol. :D


very interesting story :) And it's great that your teacher paid attention to it and taught you grammar.. seems like a very dedicated teacher :)

You're no divvy! (lol)<br />
<br />
Ha! we had the same sort of thing going on and it was kind of strange because a lot of the playwrights were incorporating the 'street language' in their scripts as we were being told off for using it!<br />
<br />
I struggle with spelling.

oh my god! I totally relate. Great story.