I Sometimes Wish I Was Adopted...

The only similarity I have with my parents is my physical appearance. Anyone who has heard about my parents and then gets to know me, asks me how I got to be so different from them. =/ I think differently, I behave differently, I perceive the whole world waaayyy differently than they do. 
DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
18-21, F
1 Response May 27, 2012

You should step back and think about how everyone person on this earth is different. Everyone is their own individual on how they think and what their likes and dislikes are. In today's generations people are exposed to so many things via TV, internet, social networking, and larger schools. These all shape who you are as a person and it may be different than your family. Any 2 people will always have differences, some more than others. I think you should focus on how you look like your family and that it's your blood.