I Actually Am Adopted.

I don't mean to insult anyone here or upset anyone. But being adopted and "wishing you were adopted" or even saying "i feel adopted" are separate things. I'm just gonna be honest, if you aren't adopted you will never know what it feels like to truly be adopted. It's like if you're a boy, you will never know what it truly feels like to be a girl, and vice versa. You may feel like you're not fitting in with your family but that's common about many many families. Kids go through phases and stages of their life that affect their attitude, look, thought process, and emotions. It all goes along with puberty.

Being adopted is a very very different feeling. First off you have no blood connection to the parents who raise you and live with. You never get that feeling that, "hey these people around me (parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents) aren't my blood. we have absolutely nothing in common." When you're adopted the relatives around you feel more like friends than family. You have no blood shared with your friends, and its the same with your family. Now the people you do feel a blood connection are your biological parents. But the feeling that overrides that is the fact that your biological parents gave you up. In most cases its because your biological parents basically ****** up at some point. My dad was a huge crack dealer and my mom prostituted herself so she could get crack off him for free. She got pregnant with me. Tried to abort me. Couldn't afford it. Decided to give me away. When this happens you feel anger towards them. Like, they didn't want you. They ****** up and gave you away. You feel more like a mistake rather than a child of a couple. All of this happens at the same time so being adopted you feel no sense of place. You feel like there isn't anything you're really attached too. The good part of being adopted, and me being 18, is that you learn to live with it. The only thing you can do is accept who you are and where you are and make the best out of it. So stay positive(:
Everything gets better with time....... eventually.
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i cant shake this gut wrenching feeling that im adopted iv had it since i was a little kid i know every single emotion you described here but i check it out and unless i was switched at birth (which given it was 1989 and may be possible) it is not possible that i was adopted. i dont know what else to do. i think iv dont everything in my power currently to find out but i wont know for sure for a long time. and i know its only going to eat at me. any advise?

I was adopted too, and know exactly how you feel. Though my birth parents weren't in quite that same situation, my dad was still a horrible person. It makes you wonder..

Yes I agree with you.