Most Of My Days Are Like That...

I'm having a lot of days when I do not speak to anyone. All I talk is about meals or stuff, in a monosyllable, when someone asks something as I live with my family, if I were alone I would practically not speak a word. I do not find it odd to not speak anything rather I like to stay quiet all the time. I don't know if its some sort of issue that needs help but I think, it might grow into some issue sooner or later.
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Privilege, in one sense, may be but it has it's own drawbacks. A caged life like this will literally rust a person. I find a masked life better, at least it is life and I'll have something to do; act, compete... something. Sitting all day in your bedroom talking to no one is no good, believe me. I would like a job but times are bad.

i think you're lucky that you can literally avoid speaking to anyone. we've to speak - be it in office , in classroom , with kids , with parents or at many other situations. if you have the luxury of keeping quiet then i'd say you're lucky. not only that i've to speak but also that i've to smile and even laugh so being able to avoid the 'masked' life is a privilege ,isn't it ?