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I go back and forth with how much social interaction I crave...sometimes I like to have a day, or even a few days completely to myself without speaking to anyone. To me, it's peaceful to spend time alone just reading, writing, or listening to music. And then there are days when I can't seem to stop talking to my friends and family.

Overall though, I've never been very social by nature. And, as I've gotten older, in college and with my career, I've been forced to be more and more social. In my position at work I am on the phone and interacting with people constantly and I feel it wears me out. Some days I get home from work and feel completely exhausted from having to "pretend" to be happy to talk to people all day long. Sometimes I'm not pretending and I really am happy to talk for most of the day; however, when your job is to talk all day everyday it can get so monotonous and it makes me not want to talk to anyone about anything. Then I crave silence. Even from my phone, I don't want text messages or any form of communication, I just want to be left alone. Usually a day or two of solitude recharges my energy and I even start to miss the interaction again. Perhaps a change in job position would help me find a better balance...but then it's always been like this, even in grade school...
callachriscat callachriscat 22-25, F Sep 4, 2010

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