Why Why Why?

Why did you hurt me? Why did you desert me even though you said that would never happen?
Why didn’t you say good-bye? Why aren’t you here to tell me everything is going to be okay?
Why did you leave me with all these memories just floating in the air? Why did you leave so many things left unsaid? What am I supposed to do now? Get on with my life I guess but I am not sure how. Yes, maybe I over-think things, but I am used to you being here to help me weed through the vines of thought. Why aren't you here now? I may never know.

Only the person that I wrote this post for will understand the song accompaniment or the following note to him fully although I am certain many will form ideas in their minds. I hope this post moves you as it is what is on my heart in the moment that I am writing it although I may not be able to post it for a few days because of my own hurt. 

To My Dearest Friend,

People put up walls and fences to keep many things out of their life. Some people are afraid of being hurt again and to keep out the hurt, they shut out the very persons that love him the most. Although this used to be a very happy song for us because our friendship was there for us, every time I hear the following song now  it brings me to tears because it means something different to me. I am happy that you are loved and in a place of peace now, but I will always mourn the loss of the most beautiful friendship i have experienced in this lifetime. 


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I'm so sorry time heals all wounds so give it time to heal

Hugs sweetheart don't give up on him :-) XOXO

His loss, people sometimes do things for reasons even they dont at the time understand.<br />
give him time and he may be able to tell you why, until then try to remember the good things.<br />
The hurt will pass... it always does, but the love always remains. <br />
Hugs and kisses my friend<br />

Update for clarity: The man in post is not my boyfriend but rather my best friend-- he is my family, or at least he used to be because I am not sure he wants to be any longer.<br />
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I hope he read this. *hugs*

my boyfriend cheated on me and we have been together For 17yrs and we got six kids there is no night dat goes by I cry for him because of my kids I just dont know wat to do im so lost plz someone help me

Oh Fungirl... I'm sorry... this sounds so difficult... I hope by writing this it eases your heart a little bit.

Awww, I'm so sorry you're going thru this.... :( hugs and hugs....

((((HUGS)))) Sorry hon... Know it cuts deep but you will feel the pain lessen....