Am I Crazy?

the other day i was in math class and i was taking a test and my hand started shaking really really bad and i didnt tell anybody but then when i went to my next class it started to get worse and my teacher told me to go to the nurse i told her that i didnt need to that i was ok but i went anyways and my mom came and picked me up from school and took me to the doc. and she said that it my be caused by stress but im not under any stress

so am i crazy???? 

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15 Responses Feb 24, 2007

i got so so nervous with tests. im not dumb, but i was always a bad student because of that. when i was much younger there was a math test and i studied a lot for it but when i got the test i couldn't do any of the problems. i saw everybody else working away. i was so nervous, that i peed in my pants, and then started crying. ok
i shouldn't be writing this, because that was seriously embarassing. but there you have it.

Oh my. Did you ever overcome your nerves?

I wouldn't say i over came them, but they are much better now,, that was a very long time ago.

I understand what you mean. I'm glad to hear that you have more control over them.

it was like four years not tooooo long ago but a

i bet that was a long long long long long time ago

yeah tests have always scared the bejeezuhs outta me but now i just do them and if i fail i fail if not then i've mellowed out sooooo much since i first joined

i was always stressed when it came to tests, i didnt know what to do but it helped me to just take deep breathes and relax, i failed the test but at least i knew i wasnt crazy

lol. truetrue i guess.

in that case no you're not crazy, its natural.

yeah, i suppose that it was.

you're not crazy. im not saying it is stress but if it was stress it could be stress from thinking about the test.

no not crazy just a bit stressied out or caffeine...

I agree with quixotickid. Besides, sometimes you are under stress even when you don't realize it. But you are most certainly not crazy.

Not crazy. Most people fake that they're "just fine" all the time. Stress kills. I sometimes shake when there's something I'm subconciously refusing to deal with (I'm not suggesting that's you, it just happens to me sometimes). Sharing is always good for relief in general.<br />

Nope. You're not crazy. I have a tendency of getting these crazy twitches in my neck for no apparent reason. But it wasn't from stress.

no your not crazy.Being crazy is talking to yourself and being hostile to others for no reason.

Bah, thats not crazy, could just be a medical condition ... or like you mom said stress. Having a random thought popping into your head of something disturbing like someone sliding down a hill and at the bottom are a bunch of razor blades makes me ??? mine.