Friendships And Apples

I am at a point at in life where I am evaluating my relationship with some people. And this is mainly for the folks I've known for ages. I know the general meaning of friendship and I have also come up with my own idea of friendship and sadly, what I've been seeing- is not measuring up with any definition. I tend to be a real laid back person, I don't push relationships at all.

And I'm afraid that some people may take my laid-back attitude as being inattentive. In fact, I am quite aware of what's right in front of me. One thing I noticed is after I left Facebook, I rarely heard from my "friends".

*Note*- I have some friends who are good, genuine friends and I'm not so worried about them as I am with some of the others.

I received a panicked call from one of my old High School mates, we have been through a lot and the following conversation got me quite irritated.

Friend: "Uh, where the **** have you been? I've been messaging you for weeks."

Me: " I've been working hun, plus you have my actual cell phone number. Although, I have not received any texts from you, what messages are you talking about?"

Friend: "Facebook. DUH. You haven't answered any of them, what the ****? I haven't seen you post anything. At all."

Me: "That may be because my Facebook account is non-existent. I deleted it weeks and weeks ago....I don't see a point in it anymore."

Friend: "That makes no sense, the point is to stay connected to people."

Me: " I think it makes more sense to actually go see a friend who lives just a skip, hop and a jump away. It makes even more sense that if you see them not answering a message through a non-existent Facebook account that you would actually pick up your cell phone and call me..or I don't know..knock on my door maybe? And I called you the other night, you didn't answer. But I'm glad you did call me back..."

* I don't think she noted my sarcasm.*

Friend: "But oh! You have missed so MUCH. Stephanie dumped Ace and now she's with Adam. I think Felipe may be coming back, but I would have to go check his page. It sucks now because now I can't share funny *** memes with you and keep you updated on Facebook drama..."

*She trails off her sentence and I feel like the ending credits will be rolling around soon- like it's the end of the end.*

And it was the end. I mean..I haven't heard from her since. The conversation ended with her still talking about Facebook and then her phone dying on her (probably because her Facebook app drained her battery).

Now after all of this: I noted something else here on EP. Of all places..
It kind of irks me when I see some EP users adding other people simply for the numbers. I will not add 300+ people because it's not realistic that I will get to them all. I try to "make my rounds" with the people I do have added on here and I understand people are busy and they have lives to live and places to be and people to see. I get that. I have a busy life as well...

But if I see that we added each other (and as cliche as it is on here I will always send a "thank you for adding me message" just to break the ice) and if you've not said at LEAST ONE WORD to me and I see you go on and off EP..I mean you can imagine what the end result will be.

Like I said earlier..I'm real laid back and I'm not a pushy person. These are just some things that are on my mind. They bothered me. So I spoke upon them. I know I still have loads to learn when it comes to comprehending people.

But for now..I will have an apple.

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Haha, I love the ending. But I know what you mean. I can't remember the last phone call from someone that asks me to go chill. I deleted mine a while ago and then I felt lonely, no one was talking to me. Got it back and I was hoping I could still have some kind of contact with people. But nope. Everyone just sucks and at least we all have this site to chat with awesome people that we never got to meet.

totally agree. Left FB ages ago and I'm fine with it. In the end, those HS buddies i had, well, ive got nada to talk about with them.
EP seems more real to me than FB anyway. My circle- is out of control here (most of them are double accounts anyway) and some are just people that have left long ago but, i cant bring myself to just delete them. And it's a pain in the arse.
Friendships change, some people leave, but, that's only to make room for new friendships.

Amen, sistah.


....grrrrrr ep admin fix this!^^^^^ <3


Ep will know the wrath of EdieZen.

. they just ignore me lol

I say we have a summit and handle this.

.. can it wait til im 100% ready for war- in the event that they ignore?

Oh no, we must wait! We must first develop the methods to our madness.

i like how u think!

Great minds think alike. Now lets go find leprechauns and take their gold.

Feck yeah!

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