I tired of stereotypes. For ex. : that girls who swallow are better in any particular way.
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Ohhhh but that's not a stereotype. Girls who swallow ARE much better, when you're talking about BJs. It feels so much better for us guys!

Wow. That was not the example I expected. To be fair, though, it's embarrassing when you are in a restaurant with a girl and she keeps spitting her food after every bite.

Just saves us the cleaning

HAHA ok I feel a little bit better

Right now Only thing you should be worried about spitting or swallowing is Lego pieces ._.

Is this the BeatTheBest I know or are you an entirely different one by the same name?

Yup. Yours truly

Hmm and your name? The smartassery fits.

Andy? Ahh please you find such delight in it

Oh. Always.

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LOL wtf

Guys always say it