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There will probably be a lot of stories in this group written by me I just need to vent a lot of times.

Today, I asked my dad for a favor...a very minor favor, with that said I don't ask much from my parents at all. Anyways, I text my dad to asked him about the favor and of course my sister had his phone. My sister ALWAYS has his phone. Whenever I need to talk to him I have to talk to her first. I hate talking to my sister, but I will. As a result I have to deal with her smart a$$ comments and her rude ways. After a while it gets pretty freakin' annoying. It just so happens that she did it today. I was mad. However, this time she couldn't give the phone to my dad because she had it and wasn't home. So of course that made me even more mad.

About a minute later she asked me if I could wash their laundry for them...I don't have a problem helping them out, I don't, but when they bring every freakin' piece of clothing at their house over including scarves, hats, and my sisters OLD work I lived with them 18 years of my life to know that they don't wash those kinds of things....Whatever, thats fine...then I find trash in their clothes. Are you freakin' kiddin' me!? Again, whatever. So she brings the clothes over and it wasn't so bad except, her boyfriend was driving my fathers car and I hate him, and there were clothes laying all over the back of their car. So I had to put it in a basket and bring it in. Okay, I'm doing them a favor! Washing clothes for four other people runs up MY light bill, runs up MY water bill, not theirs! The least they could do is put it in a damn basket!

Now that the day is coming to an end, my father still hasn't done the favor I asked of him, which doesn't matter now anyways and here I am washing ALL their clothes! >=(
shellzz shellzz 18-21, F Jun 18, 2012

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