Sometimes I would like to just run away to hide my hurt. Its very doubtful that this would help, since usually picking up the pieces and moving on is the only way to really get over something, but sometimes I wish that we could run away just long enough to give ourselves a chance to get past the intial pain and move past it. So often it seems that when we are hurt, we dont have time to actually deal with it. It festers and stays hidden. Then we have to deal with life and things just keep piling up until we are overwhelmed. This is where the trouble starts, because new hurts just pile on top of old hurts, and we dont know where to begin. I have a few friends that have been going through the same thing. Hurt one way, hurt the other, all piling up and dragging us down. I really do wish I could run away and hide my hurt until I could deal with it, but since I cant, I am grateful to have friends that stand by me and help me to deal with it.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Wow. That's exactly how I was feeling yesterday. Been going through some heavy stuff. Now not only are there the day-to-day things, but also new dramas, stuff going on discreetly, and having to go home and put on a straight face. It sucks. I totally feel for you.