I Think It's Fun

In fact usually after a fit of manic laughter, I laugh like a sane person. My favourite is the "mad with power" cackle...heh heh. I first experienced this when a friend showed me a cheat in one of the diablo games, it boosted some spell...or something. I don't know, I've never actually played it since then...or before. Anyway my character started firing waves of lightning and wiping out everything infront of it. I just lost it and started clicking everywhere on the screen, howling laughter like a madman. Hahaha fun times. I may have been sleep deprived.

Not a great story...But hey, there aren't any stories here yet so...it's safe to say it's THE GREATEST STORY IN THIS EXPERIENCE. HYEEEEAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Erutrevo Erutrevo
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

That's what so awesome about fake insane laughs. If you're hyper/crazy/whatever enough to do them, you usually end up laughing for real a lot more afterwards. I have the best fake and then real laugh parties with my siblings. *happy sigh*

Haha that rocks :D<br />
Whenever I try doing a sarcastic "aho ho ho hee hee" at someone's bad joke I end up laughing anyway.

talking about maniac laughter, you just reminded me of this wierd, yet awesome habit of mine. i have this friend and everytime i called her up to speak with her, we used to crack the silliest of joke and laugh our heads off. The thing is, she would stop in a while. But i, i couldnt help myself at that:) She called it my "laughing fits".:P