Oops! I Did It Again...

I often have an imagination that will run away from me! It's not always positive, either! Since I love horror and love to write horror, my mind can become warped, when a person is late for a phone call, or signing online, or late coming home! My mind goes to all kinds of gruesome worse-case-scenarios! :-o

For example, when my sister was in school... she could be thirty minutes late coming home. Instead of thinking, "Oh, traffic was slow.", my imagination turned to a twisted side of thinking. I kept imagining that she was pushed onto the subway tracks and ran over by the train! Or she was hit by a bus! Or some strange guys dragged her into an alley and beat her to death! By the time she came home... I was at the door, circling in a panic! XD

So, my imagination gets a little out of hand sometimes. ;-)

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

The men of my family have a long history of this too. My dad used to listen for Sirens then when he heard one, he would try to figure out where it was, and what path my mom may have taken to get home and at what time. Many a time as kids we ‘went out for a drive’ to make sure it was not my mom in a balled up mess of a car.<br />
I am better than that, but still, when my wife comes home late, when 45 minutes pass beyond her normal time, I figured she was jumped in the parking lot at work. A few times I have been known to take a little ‘drive’ just to enjoy the night . . . of course ^^

Write some horror stories then. Who knows, maybe someone will buy your script for a movie XD But don't post them unless they are actually good. I just hate it when someone posts his work and 20 people say how it's great but really it's not.<br />
<br />
I myself have great imagination, and find myself making up stories. Unfortunately my writing is horrible, can't make a good sentence no matter what XD But if I could make an anime from the stories in my head, it would be pretty cool.