There's A Chain Of Lies I Tell.....

The biggest lies I tell are to people I don't really care about who just want to be entertained--people I'll most likely never see again, who'll believe anything I say, that I don't really like, I won't feel an ounce of guilt if I lied to them. And then it goes down to people I want to stay in touch with, but will probably never be in my life, that I want to entertain or impress, who will most likely believe anything I say. Like, someone I'm attracted to. And so on, and so forth. The closer you are to me, the more honest I am. Consequentially, there are random strangers I am honest to. Those are the people I feel I can trust. Ironically, some of them are over the internet, that, I'll never see.
Also, if I'm really open and loud with it, I might be lying just to mess with someone's head that is sitting around me, or just to say or hint at something to someone who's standing around me. Some people listen to my conversations and spy on me, and frankly, it really freaking ****** me off.
Fuzzies Fuzzies
61-65, M
Jan 21, 2013