Fake Leg

Having a fake leg comes in really handy when shocking people. Once when I was working I was walking by a large piece of steel deck that the customer was measuring. I didn't see a bit of the deck that was sticking out and banged my fake leg on it. It made a really loud ringing and caused me to stumble. The customer looked up shocked and asked if I was ok. "Hardly felt it" (which was true) and walked away. Later my boss told me he got a laugh when the customer told him one of the welders banged his leg hard and didn't even flinch.

One of my favorite things to do while skiing is to go by a group of people standing at the top of a really steep hill looking scared. I'll not even slow down as I go by and drop into the slope. This often gets a "holly ****" as I ski away.

When I was a kid I used to turn my foot backwards and walk around. Once one of the teaches looked over and all the kids on the playground were gathered in one place. Thinking there was a fight she rushed over only to discover it was me showing off my stump. I got in trouble but looking back there was never a school rule requiring students to keep both legs attached to their body.
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when I was a teen, I used to wear really baggy mens jeans, and because they fit so loosely, I would wear shorts underneath them. One time I told my brother-in-law I wanted to show him something, and dropped my baggy pants to show I was wearing shorts. He nearly had a heart attack. I knew it would shock him, but I wasn't thinking of the implication or of how inappropriate it was, I was young and naive. And thought it was funny. And that is my story of taking something off to shock someone:)