I Think I Do.. Most Times.

I somehow subconciously find that I have not very much in common with my surroundings and so I zone out.

There's trying. And doing the same things everyday. There's scenarios related to me that are impossible to ever be real. There's being relaxed. Lots of it.. slackedness. There's impossible hope. There's tiring. And zoning out within a zoning out (or zoneception, if you will, though that's becoming old). There's moods. Wavelike. There's resolutions that are never met. There's more than a little perfectionism. There's nonsense, there's humour( I think ).. and in a way, there is nakedness because my zone out world is like a toilet.. where you go take a mental dump or clear things.

That's pretty much what defines my little world.
Do I like it?
Kind of... More than this world sometimes, but then, if there weren't the real world, there would be no "my world" as well.
Am I alone in this?
In my world, yeah, but i know everyone has their own worlds. So it's like everybody is alone but nobody is alone when it comes to our private worlds and they can be alike in many ways.
FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
Dec 13, 2012