A Midwestern Sky

I love the midwest/ western sky. I wake about between 5:30 and 6:00 to the am.. it's still dark other than the sun trying to creep in tiny spaces in the closed curtains and the dimmed, orange, pointed bulbs that resemble a flame inside medievil light fixtures on the walls of our ginormeous bath/vanity room. I look over and my roommate is assed out asleep still.. he's faced down with one leg completely off the bed and his arms out above his face.. kinda looks like someone just knocked him out and he fell like that.. it's funny. I try not to wake him as I throw on my hoodie and I'm out the door. The hallways are also dimly lit with the same medievil fixtures.. The halls all lead to one living/ social area where the nurse staion/ windows are, the laundry room is on one of the halls and then we have a lodge assistant 24 hours. The living area, main part of my lodge is basically all windows as well, wicker couches on the patio along the winows, outside. So, I'm passing one of the huge round water fountains that sit in front of each lodge and walking along the circled path and I notice a dear out of the corner of my eyes.. he's about 5 to 10 feet away from me, towards the kiva/firepit.. He's not phased. Inside the dining room I am greeted by the few other really early to rise, coffee junkies.. Ok, here's the thing.. this is rehab.. but not what you would think rehab to be like.. This is one of the top, if not the top 1, then it's in the top 3.. this is where Jesse James, Michael Douglas, Both surviving Beatles, all of Aerosmith (all at once) Tiger, Robert Downey Jr.. all of them went.. where you get up to 3 massages and other pampered perks everyday. It has an olympic size pool, tennis cout, basketball court, baseball feild, track and feild, ropes course, horse stables including a mini horse and a pony, a Labrynth, a full gym with personal trainers available and.. and.. a rock climbing wall. They only serve us caffeinated coffee until 8 am, so, this is no game to us.. we fill up multiple mugs a person. I'm always skeptical to whether or not it really is caffeinated.. I taste.. I wonder.. caffeine withholding *****. I make my way outside to my usual breakfast spot. The dining hall has two walls that face outside.. they're mainly glass/ windows with log paneling. The patio made of pebble stone and concrete wraps and borders around the two sides. The patio is enclosed with low standing, rounded concrete walls that are toped off with log trim/railing and on the other side of the wall, on one side is a gazebo with fancy lighting forsmokers and on the other is a serenity pon/ water focll with lillipads.. stretched out abroad are the Catalina Mountains of Tucson, Arizona. It seems as though its only a football field or two away.. although I know it's not.. The mountains are purple from the rain earlier, so are the bulbs of the cacti scattered through out. The orange morning sun streaks over the purple and the colors seem to smear.. it's as if I just tripped and fell in to the ultimite Thomas Kinkade. I drink coffee.. I look over the desert.. Walking back in the dining room for food, I see that more people have come in now. French toast, yogurt and granola is my usual. I say "goodmorning" to various other patients/ clients, counselors, therapists and administrative staff and it's back out to the patio, my table where a couple of friends are waiting. I'm also still clutching on to a book I'm reading at the time, Drinking 'A Love Story' and I also have one of my journals and a pen is lost in the mess of my wavy hair behind my ear.. I drink more coffee.. I could get a hir cut here, but one hair cut in the salon here is 60 bucks, but you know.. **** all that. I drink at least 8 cups of coffee easily.. not only that, but I'm also carrying a tall (facility name branded and multiple colors are available in the over priced gift shop next to the dining room. I sip my coffee.. then I hear it.. the sound of Carlos's golf cart approaching. Carlos is one of the head maintanance/ site techs. He's middle aged and his wife is a maid at the facility.. they are the nicest couple. Just as every other day at this time, he pulls in to view sporting his big cowboy hat.. He looks at me, grins huge and yells, "AAH.. Cowboy!" He calls me cowboy cause I was also here last summer and I wear cowboy boots and a camo hat or a Browning beanie.. "Cowboy! Como esta.." He hops out the golf cart and walks up to me, throws his hands to grip my shoulders and looks around at everyone around.. smiles and laughs. "You good? Good? He asks me.. I am, Carlos.. very bueno on this side.. He laughs and throws his head back, NAAHH.. good man, goood man." Carlos is probably one of my top 3 favorite.. along with my Dr. And therapist. To see the sun come up and sun go down in Tucson.. The natural water colors, the wildlife.. All my anxiety and stress melts away here.. I sit, I read, I drink coffee.. I enjoy the view.
ruca28 ruca28
31-35, M
May 13, 2012