As a Child, When You Come to Realize That the Sky Starts At Your Feet, You Can’t Help But to Appreciate That You Live In the Sky and Start Looking Up At Things.

It wasn’t until I started to make a list of things that I felt lucky to have seen in my life that I came to appreciate how many things related to the sky. I appreciate that the things to follow are not directly sky related, but they are experiences that I did not know where else to put., they are related to this story.

At one time I had an apartment on the 9th floor, and it was so high up that when the heavy storm clouds would roll in you felt like they were just out of touching distance. Watching lightening storms from this vantage point was fabulous. I would bring out a chair and watch the strikes from horizon to horizon. Sometimes you would see an explosion or fire ensure. Then the sirens. Heat lightening, vertical and horizontal strikes…, wow! What a show! Miles and miles of them.  The closest I have ever been to a strike was when I was in a car next to a water tower. I don’t know why, but I was looking at the tower while waiting at a red light when all of a sudden it was struck. The hair went up on my arms, I was that close. I felt so lucky to have seen it! 

The apartment was also excellent for watching fireworks on the fourth of July. I would always have friends over. You could see the displays from very town! You could also see all the people below lugging their blankets, chairs, and coolers. Again, how lucky was I!! And the sunsets, wow. My favourite ones were when the thin and vertical clouds, they always had the best display of colour, absolutely striking. 

And the planes! This apartment was fairly close to a major airport, and sometimes when they made a pass you could almost see the faces in the windows. I used to wave at them! On Friday evenings the cargo planes would be lined up and it looked like artillery fire. There was always another light coming in from the horizon, in a seemingly unending procession, nose to tail. 

Rainbows: I have seen some stunning rainbows here in the UK, and one of them was so large and wide you could see the brilliance of every single colour. It was the closest I had ever been to one. The most dramatic rainbows are the ones that come in pairs. They are amazing. I have seen almost all of the double rainbows in Scotland. 

Twice I have seen the border edge of a huge black storm with its dragon tail cutting across a blue sky. It was ominous. First time I was on the road and drove into it, from dry asphalt into a green curtain of rain. Second time I was on a sailboat on Lake Michigan. We were sitting up front on calm waters trying to get the boat back to the pier before the storm hit, but it was faster than us! We all had our eyes on the swirl of the dragon’s tail, and as soon as we were under it the boat went nearly horizontal as the wind grabbed the sails and blew us that through the high choppy waves. I must admit that the experience was a bit tense. 

I have seen the sky filled with geese on migration, absolute miles and miles of V’s. I have been inside of a monarch migration, they were everywhere! I have been outside when the song of every bird becomes silent as they perch on roof tops as hawks circle above. I love spotting huge anvil clouds and admiring their immensity. The stars and moon at night…., there is so much to say here! I love living in the sky!

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Cheers Juan! Always nice to see you!

I love the sky too, and am easily amused by it.<br />
You have a nice collection of experiences linking your amazement to the sky. I'm sure you'll have many more to come.<br />
<br />
Sounds like you've been in the UK quite a while. Spelling "color" as "colour" is a dead give away for an ex-pat far from home.<br />
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Cheers mate!

bbsraccoon, didn't see the firworks and lightening at same time, though that would be cool, but did see the fireworks get rained out. They kept setting them off anyway, you could hardly see them through the green wall of heavy rain. Thanks for your comment.<br />
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Lou, your comment is very kind, and philosophical. Thank you so much for bringing a new light to my current circumstances, it definitely helps. It makes things a bit more lovely.

Zephyr,<br />
<br />
After reading this, I just had to read more of your stuff.<br />
<br />
First, welcome back when you get back. I don't know what you do for work, but it seems to me there is the heart of a poet beating in you.<br />
<br />
There are many who write poetry, yet so few poets. The northern lights are there to wonder at and over, even when you know the origin and cause. There is an uplift to tragity as much as a let down from pleasure. These are but cycles like night and day. <br />
<br />
What lies beyond is what you seek, at least it seems to me. Journey well................... Lou