Doggy Style Is The Usual Culpret

Probably partly due to the complete lack of eye contact. I can't see the look on her face, but I can hear her moans getting louder as I pound her harder and faster. The feel of being inside her. The feel of her soft thighs against mine. The exaggeration of waist to hips caused by the position. The way her fat *** ripples with every thrust. My hands burried deep in the fat crease either side. That slapping noise, getting louder and faster. My muscles begin to ache, and I growl with pleasure pain. She starts writhing under me, arcing her back to get the best penetration, screaming at me to **** her harder.
In almost any other position I am able to slow myself down, last longer, please her first, but not doggy style. I completely lose the plot and empty my load inside her, even before I've enjoyed it prpoerly. It sneaks up on me. I've tried to make it last longer, but in that position I can't concentrate or even think of anything. My mind switches to animal instinct or something.
I love doggy style, but I'm always slightly dissapointed by it.
Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
Dec 8, 2012