I love my pets dearly. 

My perogative: Our Pets will never judge us no matter what, they give us unconditional love but on the other hand, some peeps tend to judge, backstab, hurt us, etc.

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i still love animals more than people. I rather work with animals

I have three large dogs sleeping behind me right now. All are better then any person I know.

They're the best :)

Yade: Sorry about your cats. For now, think about the good time you are having with your dog, when the time comes, it is another story. I lost my dog a few months ago, we got a new one. They both made and make us happy.<br />
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I'm with you, animals are 100% better then ...

What will I do when my aging dog is gone. Our 2 cats went in the last 2 years....<br />
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me & no animals = ???? I am here because I have an animal. He anchors me. People have not been what keeps me here, just the opposite.

wilp2009: She's so cute, my dog is the same way, sometimes scared and always with me. :)

Isn't that the truth!<br />
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I've got a little chin resting on my lab right now.<br />
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She's an Aussie with a BIG heart, a little bit scared some times, and always wants to be next to me.<br />
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I don't know what I would do w/o her!<br />
<br />
: - )