Wanting To Rest Safely In The Arms Of My Love

Another day that tests my courage and I sit here determined but alone physically. I just want a cuddle and my safe place to fall. He is far away and life would be so much easier if I was by his side. As a dear friend told me tonight, "Remember what is coming soon and look towards this when times get hard". I will hang in and remain determined and know that the day will come when all of this will be a distant memory.

Sometimes I wonder how life got to be so hard? So many of us grow weary at it all. We try our best and live with hope. Now I am on the brink of my new life and many things are happening that test me but none of them will deter me from where I want to be. Many major events are wrapping up in my life now. I am trusting that all of them will have the best outcome. Some are out of my hands and those I have to let go. I made my decision and firm date to move on and am now getting hit with a lot especially today but I asked trusted people in my life for guidance and got answers that I will follow.

Tonight I will rest my weary head and hug my pillow. Dream of what will be and wake up once again determined. Reach out to the universe and believe in all the good in my life. The present will tomorrow be the past and soon I will be able to rest my weary head in the arms of the one who loves me and that is enough. All that I ever wanted in this life.

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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Thank you for the cuddles Roddinglaw! I appreciate your comment. Peace,D.

I appreciate that my story touched you and thank you for your comment Dee67. When life gets hard and the weight seems unbearable, thinking on what is good and those who love us helps us get through anything. Last night before I went to sleep, I took some time and meditated and repeated to myself positive affirmations. Over the next few weeks and months, this will help me get through the wrapping up of my life here. Blessings,D.

Wow, dartist, your story is so touching, I have tears welling reading it. Thank you for sharing this. Your words at the end especially resonate with me, "Reach out to the universe and believe in all the good in my life." What more can we do, really? Your courage and strength show through in your words.