I Guess I Still Get Afraid..

thats all..
but theres no reason to b afraid.i know..

amysangels amysangels
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4 Responses Nov 1, 2010

It is the unknown that people fear.<br />
If it is unknown, it's because is hasn't happened.<br />
If it hasn't happened and you haven't experienced it, then it doesn't exist.<br />
What doesn't exist, is nothing.<br />
Therefore to fear something that has not happened, means to fear something that isn't real. Are you afraid of a purple flying pig that could fly out of nowhere and bite your butt? Probably not, since that doesn't exist, and neither does being afraid of the unknown, of something that doesn't exist, like the purple flying pig.<br />
<br />
You can either live with fear of what doesn't exist, or live with love leading the way.<br />
Just remember, Fear, is the biggest liar, it will always trick and deceive you like no other can.

i feel the same....!! sumtime its just so much and i feel so terribly frighten. i don't know where life is taking me i just have no dream to fall upon....its scary when u have nothing to fall upon. so i get angry whenever the internal fears overcome my mind....shout and try to pertend i don't care but in reality all i want is to be hugged and told that i am gona be okay......and everything wud eventually gets alright.........<br />
why are we all so afraid...?

i guess so..*love u lots* *hugs*

thats one of my fears too..like sometimes i might push someone away,i dont want to do that really but i do it,in reality i just want them to stay n never leave...<br />
thank u for ur words.. *hugs n love*