Just A Hand To Hold

Im a very unstable person, and i break down at even the slightest little doubt of love or friendship... I am constantly digging for something to show the that i mean something to someone... If you have read my other stories, you have noticed that i am very alone and depressed.... This is very true... and.. without reassurance from others that i have some sort of worth in my life, well.. im just a total mess.... I have a few people in my life now who seem to catch me at my darkest hours and pick me back up.. but.. i hate having to dig for the reassurance that i crave... i know they feel it... they just.. don't show it as much as i would like them to..
MiremebeKamaria MiremebeKamaria
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 4, 2011

I think I can relate.. <br />
I think I have low self esteem and try to compensate with seeking some esteem from others.. I don't feel like I'm inherently worth anything so I need to have others show me that I'm worth something to them.. I fear abandonment too and I crave to feel secure. I crave to be important to someone and though I know that I am, I feel like I need to be shown that.. <br />
I also doubt it very easily, and unreasonably.. =/<br />
My efforts to elicit reassurance are often not even deliberate.. actually usually not deliberate.. but I see afterwards that I have been trying to get people to tell me I'm important to them.. I feel like a creep then. I know I often come across as very needy.. but I don't need a lot; just a little reassurance, just little things, fairly regularly..