Because I Have A Confidence Issue

for some reason i have a confidence issue. i often need reassurance from people. and unfortunately due to my loner nature i dont get that very often.
EdgeCrusher EdgeCrusher
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3 Responses May 9, 2011

Try being a writer sometime. It goes with profession.

I am the same way .<br />
Because I am often by myself a smile or a kind word from a person I do not even know, maybe in a store or out somewhere goes a long way for me.<br />
I do not think that most people know that little things like that matter to some people.

OMG you sound like me, Im a loner too, and its good to get a rap from other people, especially your bosses, but everybody is different and not everybody see's that you need that, so give it to yourself, I say "sometimes Im so good, I scare myself" or "I reckon I deserve a rap for that, onya dave, thanks mate!!", sometimes they say well done, sometimes they just look at me, but they always smile, but as long as you know youre doing a good job thats the important thing