In Love With The Concept Of Being In Love

Why is it that you can love someone who has hurt you so much so deeply... you go beyond yourself to accomadate their every need, you love them even more because of their faults, even when they cheat lie and betray you, you feel as if it is your priority to stay loyal and faithful to them, when they hurt you feel as if they have taken the very air out of your lungs because you live to love them, it is not that you are that madly in love with them, in fact you are in love with love,
and if you love someone who can treat you as if you dont matter, can you imagine being with someone who will love you back but twice as much as you love because they appreciate that you can be so dedicated to them.... when you are apart you feel as if you are with them no matter how far you are because you carry each other in your hearts... you are so much connected to thepoint where you feel as if you are looking deep inside your soul while gazing in their eyes... this is the type of love i need and desire not just any ordinary love.
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1 Response May 18, 2011

Wow i was aghast when I read this because this is how I fall in love but seems I can never find someone that can reciprocate the same towards me, I guess its intense love, but not love with psychotic jealousy which some guys and gals get into, I actually dated someone that was so jealous and her explanation was that she loved me a lot, I dont think so, thats insecurity to me, I love to love someone for who they are, to be ONE as a couple, for her to be my best friend and just get along..well it's good to dream. =/