All Alone

Sometimes when I'm all alone I need some reassurance that I'm loved. Anything small would be nice, but when I'm alone for a long time I need to be reassured that I'm still loved and I wasn't forgotten.
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You aren't forgotten.

I certainly know what that feels like. Even when I'm with my boyfriend I often need reassurance that I'm loved. I don't really have many friends and that makes being lonely even worse. It's hard and it's easy to be consumed by these feelings but the best thing you can do is try to remember that there are people who love you and even if it's not alarge number of people now, there will be more love in your future.

I am fortunate in that I do have friends around but I do miss very much the closeness of a special woman. I sometimes feel like I am trying too hard to find a girl friend.

It is hard to be all alone, especially when it becomes a lengthy period. All kinds of feelings start emerging; you want to be held; want someone to listen to you; want someone to be there when you come home, etc. and then you start to question yourself and then the confidence wanes. That's what I am going through. I miss having a man in my life too. You are not alone there. talk with me anytime.

I totally understand what you are going through. Do you have a boyfriend or friends there for you? Do there ask you how are you sometimes? Do you share your thoughts with anyone? Are you comfortable sharing your problems with your parents? <br />
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I am sure if you can do any of the above. Chances are you wouldn't feel so alone. If not probably just talk to a stranger on the net will help too. Just becareful of them though. <br />
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I hope U do well. Take Care.

No I don't have a boyfriend, and I just moveda couple of months ago to a new state and all of my friends are far away. Some ask how I'm doing but they are busy with their own lives sometimes. I do share my thoughts sometimes with a friend, but its hard to really feel reassured when she's so far away. I don't feel like I can talk to my mom, trust me when I say she doesn't listen even about the little things. Sometimes it seems she doesn't care, but I know she loves me.