I Test Them....

Sometimes don’t you think, when someone is too close to you, that you should warn them “don’t get too close or the flaws begin to show”. Or do you allow the closeness, the flaw seeing, in hopes that they will too, show their flaws. Or perhaps you are so open and honest to test them, to wait for a day when someone embraces your flaws, and to weed out the ones who seek something less honest? I think I do the latter. I test them. I make sure you can handle it all, because for so many years I used to have artificial relationships with people, boyfriends, my close friends.

It was fake, it was youth telling us that our good times were good and the bad times could be pushed aside. Don’t hang out with people that push aside the bad and only demand the good from you. No one is perfect. No one gets it right a 100% of the time, but there are the people that try, and those people are the people that will look at your flaws and see beauty. They will see the fragile, the strong and they will appreciate you for both. They will defend you, they will share you. Those are the people that you need in your life. Not people that stand by and only share the best of times with you, they are selfish, indeed.

Seek flaws, cherish them, because the combined perfections and flaws that make you up, are what make you exactly who you are. Improvement comes from yourself, not someone telling you that you should or shouldn’t be, do, or want. 

Good luck my friends, it’s a war and each day we win and lose battles with ourselves getting to the end.

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4 Responses Jun 23, 2012

I probably overkill by actually, and honestly, trying to scare people away who seem to be getting too close to me by telling them strange facts about my personality, psychology, beliefs, etc. But it's good to read about someone else doing something similar. :)

I sure do Fungirlmmm and I have plenty of them, besides being perfect is so overrated! LOL

I love you with all your flaws, and know you do the same for me.

Agreed zzltfrg ... no one wants perfection all of the time, its all about acceptance and allowing those we share our lives with to see those imperfections and accept them not try to change us into something we aren't.