True Love

"My heart belong to him...if you want me you have to ask Jesus!!!...That's what we do!
Wait for the one He chose... not find our own 2nd best... we are to find  the  Rebecca or wait for  the Ruth to appear!
To my dear lover whom I'm waiting for, ignoring the voices of charming people who wants my flesh but not my soul.
..         You are always on my mind...i never seem to have enough of you! I call you but you are busy teaching... i sent you long text but your reply is so short...I really miss you! Every time I am free ,I pray for you .to have  peace and joy...and that He will bring us closer...closer.  I love you so so much i just want to hug you...You know...when i am working,  your face always appear...thats why I  wanted to text you so so often! Please reply quickly...wish I am your student then...I can just stare and stare at you and see you smile...yoh...please quicky answer my call...It is always a miss call! Don't be so cruel ...have some mercy on me...and reply my text quicky cos I miss you much! awwww!!!!! I want to hold your hands, pray with you together and see the rolling sky  with you!,Life is so lonely without you!!!!
   , You are always on my mind..".kimi me tokode anime"
I want ALL of you....I want to work together with you... Your priority is my FIRST priority...
we  are willing to work and sacrifice together to build a home...I know
LOVE is hard work..WE talk when we don't want to,we listen when we feel like scolding
we give, when we feel like receiving love..And we touch when we don't want to e.g after a quarell
So we keep connected,,,we feel connected and we want to be connected When I say I love you...I won't look anywhere else...I want to be  focused on you and you alone! cos that's where my heart belong.!!!!
   TRUE LOVE_Be One In Mind And Flesh!
faithfullover faithfullover
51-55, M
Jan 9, 2013