Sadness, Emptiness, Confusion - The Build Up Inside

Sadness -
It builds up an awful wreck of voids, grey shadows, they haunt and torment the very soul. There is no more real laughter, just forced, the sound is all but forgotten how to really do that. There is no real happiness left, slowly being eaten away like animals on a prey. Somber, melancholy moods decay the heart and soul like a slow cancer...robbing you of whom yo used to be once upon a time. At times it seems so futile to even hope because it seems your too far lost down this unknown path.......
Emptiness -
It builds a home in the shell that used to feel human, now broken, where hollows now bred and now made its permanment mark, a scar, a deepening sea of now whereness now consumes and constantly feeds at every connecting thread of humanity inside you.....
Confusion -
Feeds like a savage inside this once human shell, leaving nothing considered, worthy remains, destined to walk through life less ordinary, alone, feeling exiled, 
  Sadness, Emptiness, Confusion..trapped!
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Yes, yes, yes and scary. Scary that it seems your words came straight from my own heart. Thanks, I think?

You really need to get your groove back girl. You know it's there inside of you.