Do I Need To Explain?

My silent cry for you ,my dry tears that beg does it reach to you? Do you really understand behind my smile lies my fears hidden.
I wish you could stay a while in my life holding me in your arms safe and secured.But.................................................
I can't stand when friends suggest “MOVE ON” that’s the best deal but How can I? I am stuck for eternity.
I'm an empty lie which tell you I'm fine
Behind my smile can't you see this isn't me though I try to enjoy different things yet I feel fallen ,broken to core
Everything suggests there is no more, no hope, no life, no dreams anymore
Still I just smile to forget everything ,a survival strategy you may say which I use every second of my existence skimming through baseless ,useless lie .
It’s a disgusting feeling faking things to everyone.
But will you not understand and believe that beneath my smile deep down is where I really lie and that is real ME.

trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Jan 10, 2013