I sigh.
"Whats the matter Dad"?Ask my 30 yr old daughter.
"Oh!Nothing Hun".I answer.The truth is,I just dont know.Its the depression setting in again.Ive been out of My Meds for awhile.
She puts an arm around My shoulder."I Love You Dad"!
Its getting a bit better.
I feel to little arms around Me and a sudden kiss on my cheek."I love You too
Pepaw",Says My 8 yr old Grand daughter!
Ther are now tears in my eyes,but Im rely feeling even better.
"And Me PePaw!I love You too"Says My 4 yr old grand daughter!
"Pepawwwwwww" Says the 3 yr old grandson.He has downs,and Pepaw is one of His few words.When that boy smiles at You its a100 watt bulb!
Suddenly I have a sharp pain on the side of My head! My 2 yr old grand daughter shows her love with a toss of her sippy cup and a giggle!
Sigh,I wipe a happy tear away.Thank God for them all!
The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013