Sitting in my balcony on the sea and thinking about the freaky things i've done

:( );
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Like what? Just curious...

I took my dad's car (benz G class) without telling him and i scratched it ,this is the main thing/ i know sounds silly but, it's a big thing for me ;(

Haha..a little but it's ok to feel that way meaning you love and respect your dad. I was thinking of something worse ;)

My mom lives in london she left me when i was 10 and the only one who took care of me is dad / it's not about the scratch it's about trust :)

Then just be honest and tell him everything...

He already knew :)

lordy be! my dear... you should see/know some of the things I've done... wait till you get my age... the freaky thing list grows longer with time. ...sigh

Plus that i made fun of 2 children they were asking for food and i just told them to burn in hell and i threw them with some rubbish in front of my friends i thought i was funny and now none knows how sorry i am !!

we know how sorry you are. don't beat yourself up... it's the devil's way to make you hate yourself... and that is when the bowels of hell eats you up alive. forgive yourself and .. learn from your mistakes. like I said... welcome to the human race.

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welcome to the human race!