Mr. R. Blade

Mr. R Blade.
He is there for me all the time
He listens to my cries, consoling my aching soul
He never talks back to me
He doesn't judge, he accepts me for who I am

Mr. R Blade.
He reassures like no other
No one seems to approve of his company
But I fancy him just fine
He takes the pain away with unimaginable strength

Mr. R Blade.
He is mute
But with his actions, the world disappears for a while
He sparkles and shines in the light
He is ever so easy to manipulate

Mr. R Blade
He caresses my skin
Holding tight to it
He knows every curve on my wrist
After he lets go, the pressure is gone

To some, he goes by Razor
To me, he is the infamous R. Blade
RosaRod666 RosaRod666
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 18, 2012

I really love how you turned it into a person, and how you create this image of who he is. Really good(:

I LOVE how accurately you personify the blade as a person. You've truly given an inanimate ob<x>ject feeling.

thanks (:

no!! u can talk to me if you want, i'll make you leave mr. r blade, that damn killer. :/

i dont see him as much as i used to, i hope i didn't scare you /: its an exercise of mine, writing about my experiences or those of others as if they're actual people. leaves more room for description (:

That wasssss ssssooooo goood i am glad to have a friend lik u

haha thanks, you should read my other poems on here, they actually rhyme :P lol