I Cant Seem To Stop!

Im 13 and i have bad anger issues, me and my dad argue all the time but my mum blames me for her having cancer but shes now liing in a mental hospital anyway whenever me and my dad argue about something pathetic i seem to think about everything thats happened and i cut my arm with anything i can find but i sitll have loads of scars from months ago and i cant seem to stop :/ x
kcilayda kcilayda
3 Responses May 5, 2012

Wow. Only just read this story. Long time ago so I hope you are better now. You are NEVER to blame for others especially cancer!! Hope you are doing ok!

Hi it seems u going through alot.. Its def not u fault that u mum has cancer.. If u ever need to talk.. Feel free to message me.

hey your still young and never argue and rebel to your parents and what will you get hurting yourself it will just leave scars and disfigure and at the end you will regrett why did you do it.Sometime we have problems dont be ashame to talk to your dad or mom im sure they would understand dont think your not important to them you never realize how hard they struggle when you are young and still a baby and then suddenly you will just do bad things to yourself,listen to them if you want answer to your pronlems dont be ashame to ask help and reached out to them im sure they would love to hear something from you and share things you feel embarrass to talk about,nothing to be ashame no matter how ackward the things is..try that ok...