Scratching Against My Skin Hard With My Nails Is It Self Harm?

Is it self harm if I scratch against my skin hard with my nails? It leaves red marks, but I feel better after doing it. I mostly do it when I'm sad/depressed and sometimes angry but, mostly sad/depressed. They start to hurt after sometime, after I scraped my nails against my skin. I once scratched my nails against my skin and the skin started to bleed. I wanted to use a razor, but the razor wouldn't cut, and I gave up on finding another one. The razor did leave tiny cuts on my arm, that sometimes bleeded but were mostly red.
I only sometimes do it, and I feel better soon after. My parents don't know, they don't even believe I'm depressed. Went to a therapist once, and the therapist wanted to give me anti-depressents but mom said, I didn't need them and we never went back.
I used to just cry when listening to music very loud, but still felt depressed and turned to just scraping my nails against my skin hard. But, is it self harm? If I'm using my own nails to do it?
LoveisSame333 LoveisSame333
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

u can scratch me it wouldn't hurt u and will be much better for me i luv it!!