Once Upon A Time

Man oh man. 
I guess I should be saying girl oh girl instead.
There's this girl.. god, it sounds like every other cheesy story out there already!
Ok, once upon a time there was me, and that time was definitely this past friday, and there was this sad girl who happened to be friends with our heroine (me). The boy she liked to hang out with told her he didn't want to see her anymore because he felt he was leading her on (commendable for a villain). The girl had already cried at home the night before, and was sad all day at school. Then by lunchtime, her sadness had built up again, and her friends all let her have one last good cry to get it all out.  Now our heroine was sitting across from the sad girl, and her heart was a-breaking. She dropped her head and caught the girl's attention and asked if the girl needed a hug. The girl nodded and pretty much climbed into the heroines lap, legs draped over one of the heroine's legs, arms wrapped around each other. The girls head fit perfectly between our heroine's head and shoulder. As our heroine rested her cheek on top of the girl's head and stroked her back and hair, sadness rose in her eyes and weird emotions swirled in her chest. The two sat like that for the rest of lunch, and when it was over the girl looked up at our heroine with eyes that could break any stone-cold heart. Once upon a time, there were two girls. That time is now, and I'm pretty sure they're falling in love. The heroine isn't just hoping, either. This heroine, I think, has found a girl who likes her almost as much as the heroine likes the girl. And they all lived in wonder at this beautiful phenomenon.
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Well, there's no stopping love, right? If you like each other, you should go out.

working on it :)

Great. :)