Oh Sure!!! I Can Do That!! I'd Love To!!!

I am famous for taking on more than I can handle or have time for. I'm also famous for agreeing on behalf on myself and my hubby!!  LOL!!!  

Once you get this reputation of saying "Oh sure!! I'd Love to do it" ... then you get even more jobs and task to take on!!!

I belong to a church that is famous for asking me and my hubby to do what they called "little things" here and there!

Like they asked us to be in charge of the Faith Sharing groups... which everyone in the parish was asked to sign up and participate in a small group in their area. It was to run for 8 weeks, twice a year, for 2 years. I said.. "Oh Sure! I'd love to organize that!" YIKES!! Our first 8 weeks we had over 400 people sign up and had to shuffle everyone around to try and find the day, time and location they wanted. It was a nightmare! We literally had these people fill out cards with their information and there we sat, sorting through them by hand!!! I will never forget after we mailed out all of the information to the people as to where they would meet, what day, time and such, I came home to find my message machine FULL!!! All these people wanted to change their times/days/locations... UGH! I cried! I have to say tho.. which each passing session, we got more organized and had a much better system!! 

A few years later... after we had completed our commitment of the Small Faith Groups, we were approached again!!! "Hey... would you like to run our Parish Fiesta (Carnival)??" They told us...."We want you to just run it for 3 years. Your first year will be training and learning the ropes, the second year, you run by yourself, and the third year we bring someone new in for you to train."  "Oh sure!!! I can do that!!! Love to!!" 

Well, we did... we got our hands dirty and through many long hours of calling companies, ordering rides, food, game booths, organizing hundreds of people to chair the game and food booths, workers to flip the burgers and sell tickets.... we put on a great fiesta!! So after our second year we had a change in Pastors... so the new pastor asked us to please take on a fourth year to give him a chance to get to know the people in the parish. "Oh sure! Love to do 4 years!!"  Well, needless to say... we ran the parish fiesta for 6 Years!! Yep... I couldn't keep my mouth shut! LOL....  Finally, at the end of the 5th year, we wrote a letter to the pastor and said, we have enjoyed our time, but we need to make our 6th year the last year. 

So through the course of our 15 years at the Parish and many other "small favors" besides the small faith groups and fiesta.... my hubby finally said... "Hey honey... it's time to stop saying, 'oh sure! I can do that! I'd love to!'"  He knows me well tho so he added..."Or at least the next time around, could you just commit YOURSELF?" LOL

I love to be involved and be around people.... I find that most of the time these "little favors" turn out to be pretty fun and lots of laughs, ya  a bit of drama too! I have cut back on my "Yes I would love to" and tried to just stick to my job and my family.  But who knows what this next year will bring!

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My dearest friend ZKitty! I would jump on a plane today and come help you! I'd love to see that porch of yours!! I'll bring my glass!!! :D<br />
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Jophiel, I try to have a big heart... I try not to be selfish... Yes when we give of ourselves, we do fill our hearts. I believe the saying that there is "no such thing as selfless giving" because when we give of ourselves we gain something in return!! Thank you for your thoughts!<br />
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Angels... thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate it very much! :D

Sounds like *FUN* ! *SMILE*<br />
<br />
Be thankful that you have someone to share it with, even though he wants to bail out the next time. LOL<br />
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Reading this sounds too much like myself ! LOL<br />
<br />
Look at it as a gift. Not everyone is blessed in that way.<br />
<br />
We need more people like you !!<br />
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You are *AWESOME*!!<br />
<br />
Best of luck to your new adventures to come. In..............<br />
<br />
"Yes I would love to". *SMILE*

You have just got a big heart and that is great because your heart will never be empty. On the yes issue "yes" we often find ourselves doing that.

:D No mention..Bless You

Aww thanks Analyzer. I try to be cheerful.. always outwardly at least :D<br />
I may be thinking... why did I say yes on the inside tho... LOL<br />
have a great day thanks for the comment!!<br />
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Thanks Ferina :D

Your sweet and understanding my friend!

Well organization is not my real strength so it's the saying YES that is my strength! LOL... of course when I say yes I have to become organized.... but I will wait to the last minute to do so! <br />

ya... errr... fun is right!!! You know the first few years of all of the volunteering was fun... after a while, you just get a bit tired and wonder where are all of the other volunteers? <br />

Yep! I can definitely imagine you doing all that!<br />
<br />
Sounds like.... err.. fun!? haha