Hell On Earth

I have no doubt at all Im living in a level of hell.My daily experiences would leave most disbelieving of my words and sanity,and is part of the hell on earth.Im community mobbed/gang stalked,and this agenda and the way its applied is from the minds of depraved and dispicable men.It strips one of the most basic of human rights,and has been sculpted around the term,"plausable deniability".Genius in its planning and application,but like so much on earth,its evil genius.A mixture of harassment from a blinded,brainwashed public,and a device known as the V2K,or voice to skull,which enables artificial telepathy,and sends others negative words directly into your head.The last place of sanctuary pervaded by nefarious sub-humans who can no longer recognise right from wrong,and care even less.Yet Im not of this place,it chokes me with its cruelty,greed and callousness.I believe in loving kindness towards all living creatures,but see the little there is of this being further strained from society,without the awareness from people of the changes taking place inside them.People have had the goodness removed from them,and replaced by a dog called patriotism,with big brother riding it bareback and running it hard,all the time lying and deceiving the masses.Does anyone else ever ask themselves "What has happened to people?What is responsible for the massive change in society and peoples minds,especially in the past 20 years?"I find myself wondering if there are any real people left to ask this.Because it feels to me that everyone wears a mask,its become a survival essential,left by their front doors,and always put on before leaving home.When I die,Im returning to the Creator,because its Him and His ways which I love,not the evil and insanity which man has revamped as good and reason.
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I used to know an old hippy who had amphetamine psychosis. He was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and last I heard had been sectioned.
Paranoia can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

Paranoia is a heightened sense of awareness,and as you say,can indeed be a very dangerous thing.The more one perceives,the greater ones awareness of the illusions of this world.Through personal experience I happen to know its the depraved minds of this world which carry the greatest threat to loving kindness becoming prevalent amongst humanity,sadly.

For the casual observer/reader,peza here is making a reference to me,in an attempt to discredit what i say.I dont object to his disliking me,Im all for it,but trying to attack someone this way is not very pleasant,and neither is it,to my mind,very manly.I say this without prejudice or malice,but merely because I like the truth to be known.Anyway,Im half man,half duck,QWAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK dudes! ;)

Another thing that isn't very pleasant is sending people letters suggesting that they commit suicide. I still have that Pedro , my dear friend who believes in " loving kindness towards all living creatures. " Maybe you would like me to reproduce it here for everyone to see , or not ?

My original point remains and you provide a salutary reminder of why it is true.

That would be after your comment telling me to "top myself"after reading of the community mobbing I endure?Or was it after I made my first contact with you,when I was polite,mentioning if you did not want to help me in my predicament to simply ignore my mail,but you replied with "pis off",(exact spelling).Dont go around playing the martyr when you act like in this way.Live by the sword,die by the sword sunshine.Its not big and its not clever.

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i agree with you on this Pedro. honestly i think the war is just a greed filled thing as well. the constitution used to be about freedom and equality but now all we do is kill others to gain land. greed and gluttony is what fills the minds of most Americans now a days who do not remember the hard times we had before where you were lucky to have good clothes on your back. the gluttony drives them to insane lengths just to get what the "need" when in reality it is just a want. thank the lord no one has drawn out the goodness in my heart even though the devil has tried. when i die you can guarantee I'll be some where in that line right with you.

That would,no WILL,be something I look forward to being cat,and its as bad here in england as the states.Im gang stalked/community mobbed,which is financed,controlled and backed by the authorities,who deny any knowledge of it,naturally.Men with depraved minds are running this world my friend.And respect to you too,for the strength you have inside cat. :)

i am sorry for you having to live that way. all i can do is pray for you well being and give you my support and hope you stay strong. just remember that if no one else is on your side god always will be he is the one person who will NEVER turn his back on you.