In the past ten years I have noticed something happening which had never happened to me before-the bare faced lie,about myself,and spoken to myself,by someone who knew what they were saying was untrue and hateful.They have deaf ears to reason,there is no appealing to their honesty,and they feel no remorse or shame for their terrible lies.I dont like these new humans,bring back the old type,the ones made in Gods Image,not satans.
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
51-55, M
2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

This is their ****. Let them carry it themselves.

thanks DOC,if we were near,id value your company :)

Don't believe their rubbish, you know who you are and so do I, your daughters and the creator whom made you into the amazing person you are today, don't forget that okay? :)

Somehow i missed this comment Lush,and want to thank you for showing faith in me.

Always! :) (hugs)