I'm So Different.

I'm a right brained thinker, I'm an Aquarius, I'm an artist, I'm really spiritual and I believe pagan believes, and I'm a little bipolar.

I'm not ashamed of who I am, I actually really love it because I want to be different, I crave it, I seek it, and I am it.

Its like I'm walking around in this world and I just don't belong. I look at the people around me, they all seem so stupid and careless. I'm 15 and I live with my mom. step-dad, and my two brothers. I can tell what kind of person people are right of the bat, I know what people are thinking and I can sense when something is wrong, I even guessed that my sister in law was pregnant before she even knew.

I watch fight and get in fight and I can tell that its all a misunderstanding, but the other person doesn't see it. I know who's fault thing are and I know what wrong with relationships. but nobody else does.

I have super intense emotions, and when I get really mad, sad, anxious, happy, or nervous I break out with this weird red blotchy skin.

Is there anybody like me? Id really like to talk to someone about it. that's the only think I hate about it, is nobody understands...

MagickMonster MagickMonster
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 21, 2012

I feel the same way. I'm even an Aquarius as well...

Same here dude.. even I am an aquarius.. And even I am totally different from others in every manner..

We are the same. Everything you said I deal with everyday. Message me on here please.