Time To Give It All Up

It has now come to a point especially over the past two days, that I feel that there is nothing left inside me.
Emptiness is what I know it is. There seems to be no fulfillment, no joy, no sense of achievement at all.
Drained of resources. Nothings seems to work. I try my best and where are you? You said you cared, you said you will be there for me. But, where are you. These were once beautiful words when first spoken. I longed to spend time with her. She showered me with gifts, then kicked me out. Now the emotions are all coming back.
I found EP though a friend from another site that I had acquainted. I think EP has help me, justĀ  up to a point.

There is a point that I cannot go beyond.. I feel that I have now reached that point
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2012

I am sorry for your pain. Thanks for sharing, I hope you find healing in your writing here. I have and so have many of my EP friends. Bless You.

It is so nice to have people who are so kind. Thank you

Women. older women are such they only are nice when they want you. Cougars. then they treat you like trash

There are good ones no doubt. will let you know