No One Would Miss Me

Sometimes i set up at nite. thinkin bout all the things that happened that day. and i relise no one would care if i did or didn't wake up the next morning. its so hard to live in a world where no one would care if you just died. i feel like that all the time.Some times i just want to give in and give up.i cutt my wrist to make me feel better. Sometimes it helps but others it don't. Sometimes i cutt to deep. sometimes not deep enofe!Its so hard to sit and watch as other people have the best time of there lives when im haveing the worst time of mine! the other day the love of my life left me. now i have to watch as he walks around holdin the hand of aother girl.IT HURTS SO MUCH! he told me that the reson he broke up with me was bc he didn't wont to hurt me.So wut dose he want to hurt this other girl? so as i sit here writein this im thinkin no one will ever care bout nancy mae turner!! and thats proppley ture!!

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definitely!!! <br />
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think yall all now i have people who love me!!

wise words, needit. something us adults need to listen to also.

Sometimes when you're a teen, heck an adult too, it seems like nothing is right. But trust us, it will change. It will.<br />
And there are people who care about you very much. People here, and people in your life. And believe me, those people would be devastated forever if you made a permanent mistake over a temporary situation. <br />
My son, my firstborn, felt that way when he was 16 and left us. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him, think about the man he would be now, his children that I will never meet.<br />
So try to have faith. Faith that in a few weeks, and especially for you in just a couple years, that the world can be a much different much better place.

i agree, santanarex. she is great and i would miss her too. she'd better listen to us!

That is not true at all it would break my heart if anything ever happened to you. Your a wonderful person and have brought so much joy into my life since I met. I love you very very much sweetheart don't ever doubt that! There would be a huge hole in my heart if you were not around your a big part of my family! I love your my than I can say. <br />
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I feel like your my own daughter and I would be devastated to lose my child. <br />
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I love you so much Dad

ok, now i'm confused lol. who left you? jordan or guner? i thought guner was a friend.

no the reason for the name chage was bc im happy hes happy and so is guner!

are you talking about jordan? i thought with your name change, everything was going good for you two?